I Started producing at a young age and quickly got swept up in it. I've performed in the live hiphop band The Hoard. I'm currently pouring all my energy into producing Dnb, Trap, Dubstep and everything in between.



Im GRYPO, Producer and DJ with over 7 years production under my belt. I love the nature of sound and how we can mold it. I've played countless shows with many artists including TRUTH in the underground scene



I'm the design, artwork and media guy. Most of the photos you see here are my own. I mess around in the studio and love producing. As a youngin I loved rock n roll and punk music but quickly became obsessed with hiphop, house and dubstep I generally like anything with a nice deep dark baseline.



You can normally find me behind a controller or furthering my production skills. I've had the pleasure of playing at highly regarded music festivals but I never turn down a good house party either haha. I will be furthering my love for beats in 2019 at Massey University with a degree in sound engineering. 



 I've dabbled in music production and mixing from a very young age. It wasn't until I was 15 that I started considering this hobby could lead me somewhere. At 19 I am now taking the plunge and diving into the deep end. I've had the pleasure of playing at countless festivals as well as shows alongside Truth, The Stoned Raiders and The Upbeats.